Yachting is more than a vacation. When you step onboard, it becomes a lifestyle.

Focus On… Pastrovich Studio

Stefano Pastrovich is one of Italy’s leading yacht architects.  We asked him to talk about his ‘DNA Design’ – the yacht or concept that best represents him as a designer – his skills, his value and his personality.

my DNA

Air and Water, sky and sea
my elements
on which I sail and glide since always
fascinated by the immense happening of
movement, colors, change of humor, calm, aggression,
a continuous mutation of something which last a certitude in life.

I am mysteriously addicted
my eyes captured by waves which I can’t stop watching
while crashing against the rocks,
in the calm of a sunrise silence
little changes of shape, tiny sun reflections, sounds, light depth,
the smell of the ocean, the salt on my skin.

Details, tiny differences
never the same
which makes so fascinating
so I can’t wait
I must start designing
to fix the emotions on paper

It is the beginning, the inspiration
to find the courage
to hit the first sketch on a white paper
which suddenly becomes alive
the sand on my skin is now a dark line of pencil
which moves frenetically on the paper to convert
the energy of sun, the breeze on my neck, the smell of the flours,
into architectural signs

That is the moment when Architecture reveal his real function
and the Architect does his job,
to help the perception of the elements,
a way to establish an educated contact with nature.

Sand warm during the day,
to make you running when too hot
Sand for touching
feeling soft grains under your feet
Sand to create castle and fortress.
Sand which is now covering the main deck of my terrace.

Shadow and sun playing on your skin
Judging the right heating thanks to a light breeze
shaking leaves of a coconuts palm
close your eyes in a peaceful rest
where natural sounds cuddle your dreams.

My designs
for humans
who want to experience
the natural elements

my partners
who will never give up
and support my designs
with a unique free and powerful energy
a spectacular opportunity to design

About Stefano Pastrovich:

 Italian based yacht architect Stefano Pastrovich has an impressive portfolio.  He began his career in 1999 as a designer on the M/Y SenseS project, working for Martin Francis Design, then moving on to work with Claus Kusch on projects including the 114m Le Grand Bleu.  Since then, Stefano’s career has flourished and now runs his own studio out of Genoa, Italy.  Stefano is the designer behind iconic yachts such as the Wally Power range and his clients and advocates include celebrated yachtsman Jack Setton, Google’s Eric Schmidt and Michael Jones, and president of Wally yachts, Luca Bassani Antivari.