Yachting is more than a vacation. When you step onboard, it becomes a lifestyle.

From yachting to telemarking

From March 16th to March 24th 2012, Charlie, Yves and I will join 12 former members to retrace some of the steps of the Heroes of Telemark in one of the world’s most gruelling challenges.

The Heroes of Telemark were a group of 6 Norwegian soldiers who were dispatched  to Vemork, Norway, to destroy a facility producing Heavy Water (a key component in creating nuclear weapons). Operation Gunnerside, as it was known, was successfully carried out on February 28th 1943 when the team broke in and destroyed the plant before telemarking to safety (chased by 3,000 enemy troops!). It is considered the most successful act of sabotage of WWII.

To commemorate the heroic mission, Charlie, Yves and I will (unassisted and carrying all of their own provisions) telemark from Evjemoen, a former Norwegian military camp, on an 7 day journey that will bring us to Vemork, the original site of the Heavy Water plant.

Accompanied by ex-military personnel , the Y.CO team is raising money for the SBSA charity as well as paying homage to those on both sides who showed such bravery, tenacity and endurance back in 1943. The Heroes of Telemark are an inspiration not only because of their physical achievement in the face of tough conditions, but also for their self-discipline, mental courage and dedication to a cause greater than the individual – all qualities which can be applied in our everyday lives.

We have been training hard at 4.30am every morning with trainer Paddy Warwick  to prepare ourselves for this and we are ready!!!!

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