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‘It’ destinations – time for a revolution?

‘It’ is that quality possessed by some which draws all others with its magnetic force. With ‘It’ you win all men if you are a woman and all women if you are a man.

Elinor Glyn, Novelist, 1927


The ‘it’ destination that needs little introduction is St. Tropez.  A small Provençal fishing village brought to fame by Brigitte Bardot 1956 and still a hotspot today, when each summer the crowds descend onto the small port and nearby Pampelonne beach.  Then, there is Ibiza.  Put on the ‘it’ map by hippies in the 1960s who went in search of free love and peace, it has grown into the global mecca of hedonism – this year sees Sting and Lenny Kravitz perform at the island’s festivals in July.

Several decades on, no one denies that St. Tropez and Ibiza are on every ‘must see’ list, but what they gain in popularity, the cognoscenti will argue, they have lost in exclusivity and that elusive ‘it’ factor.  The Voile Rouge is gone, Nikki Beach is a global chain and at Pacha, even the VVVIP sections are crammed.

So, has the time has come for a new ‘it’ destination?


Brought up in a fast moving world influenced by social media, independent and confident, this generation of trendsetting globetrotters are not prepared to follow the crowds.  Having enjoyed what’s already available, they are now looking further afield to find the ultimate experience.  To generation Y, ‘it’ isn’t about seeing and being seen as much as it is about experiencing the unknown before anyone else does.


We’re seeing a younger generation use yachting differently.  Enquiries for the French and Italian Rivieras flow in, but for destinations like Antarctica, Latin America, Asia, Australasia interest is rising daily.  From a yacht, the world is more accessible; and from a private luxury yacht, it’s also more exclusive.  What bigger caché than holidaying somewhere your peers haven’t even heard of and no one else can get to?

The more humble a place’s beginnings, the better – the key to the newest ‘it’ destination is that it is totally undiscovered.  Difficult to reach for the masses, oozing that indescribable magical vibe and ready for development with the in-crowd’s know-how.  Armed with their iPhones, a new generation is creating their own ‘it’ places, and just as their grandparents and parents did before, sampling that unique slice of pie that others have not yet tried.

So, whether it is taking over a private island in Belize or finding the ultimate beach shack in Paraty, let ‘it’ begin. Just don’t forget the champagne! (Well, some things never change…)


PARATY, Brazil

Brazil’s authentic colonial beach town Paraty, sits on Brazil’s southeastern coast backed by the Bocaino Mountains. Set in a tropical paradise surrounded by beautiful beaches, islands, and waterfalls. Paraty is also known as the city of Cachaça.

Explore beautiful Brazil onboard the timeless explorer motor yacht Sherakhan


A truly laid-back unassuming destination surrounded by sapphire seas, incredible wildlife, Mayan temples and the most understated private islands, some developed and some untouched, waiting to be discovered.

Visit Belize’s stunning retreats such as Captain Willy’s Caye,  South Saddle Caye or Mystery Caye on the sophisticated and sleek superyacht Jems


The most eastern of the Cyclades islands and location for Luc Besson’s ‘Le Grand Bleu’, The ambiance on Amorgos is rooted firmly in the past. Dotted with white houses, crystal clear water and a peaceful atmosphere, it makes other Greek islands look like downtown Manhattan. The pride of Amorgos, built into the side of a cliff is the 1000 year old Monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa.

Cruise the coasts of the Greek islands this summer onboard 60m motor yacht Oasis or luxury sailing yacht Panthalassa


A short boat ride from the island of Hvar are the 16 Pakleni islands. The largest, Sveti Klement, boasts sandy coves, pine-backed beaches and the hamlet of Palmizana.

Enjoy the Croatian islands on newly refitted Italian Wally sailing yacht Wally B, or the perfect combination of traditional and contemporary, luxury sailing yacht Vertigo

To find out more about available superyacht charters in new ‘it’ destinations, please contact our Charter Team.

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