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Top 10 Foodie Destinations – Week 5, Antipaxos

Oenophilic guests and foodie cruisers are welcome at Y.CO. Using real recommendations from restaurant critics, yacht captains and local fisherman, we share our Top 10 Foodie hotspots for summer 2014. Week 5: Antipaxos, Greece (Best for sunset dining) Antipaxos has just 64 … Read More


Postcard from… Lefkada

Lefkada, 19 October 2013 It was the wedding that shocked the world. Exactly 45 years ago, the widowed First Lady, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, married colourful Greek shipping tycoon, Aristotle Socrates Onassis, on the private island of Skorpios. Onassis sealed the … Read More


Film Set Class: Guns of Navarone, Symi (1962)

Some yachting destinations are so sublime they deserve an Oscar. In our latest blog series we recommend 10 classic movies that highlight 10 awesome yachting destinations. This week: The Guns of Navarone (1962), filmed in Symi, Greece Gregory Peck called The Guns of … Read More


Postcard from… Ithaca

Ithaca, 5 October 2013 You’ve got to hand it to Odysseus. The mythical explorer took ten years to cruise home from Troy in Turkey to Ithaca in Greece. That sounds like a fabulous Mediterranean sailing sojourn to me. Alas, it … Read More


Postcard from… Corinth

Corinth, 20 July 2013 The Corinth Canal opened for business 120 years ago this week. The first ship motored through from Patras to the Aegean on July 25th 1893, thereby saving 400 miles of ocean passage in the process. But … Read More


Y.CO Top Ten beaches Week 7 – Tinos, Greece

Trust Y.CO to have the inside line on the finest beaches in the world. In a 10-part blog series, our brokers, managers and specialist staff detail secret sandy stretches that cry out for seaborne adventure. This week: Beaches of Tinos, Greece by Tamsin … Read More


Secret islands of the Mediterranean 8 – Symi

In the eighth of a ten part series, travel writer Kathryn Tomasetti uncovers ten off-the-radar Mediterranean islands for summer 2013. This week: Symi, Greece Tranquil Symi is custom-made for superyachts. With no airport and only five local taxis, the island is best explored … Read More


Postcard from… Amorgos, Greece

Over the summer season, travel journalist Tristan Rutherford sends Y.CO a postcard each weekend as he travels around Europe’s top superyacht destinations. Amorgos, Greece, 16 June 2012 Tomorrow marks the 24th anniversary of the freediving film, The Big Blue. The … Read More