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Terra Nova discovered by Y.CO vessel Falkor


August was an historical month for ocean discovery.  While superyacht Octopus is involved with the HMS Hood bell salvage, a vessel co-managed by Y.CO  has also been making historical news:

Almost precisely 100 years after Scott’s ill-fated Antarctic expedition, Terra Nova, the ship that took him there has been discovered by Schmidt Ocean Institute’s Research Vessel Falkor.

R/V Falkor – Scientific Research Vessel for SOI

R/V Falkor was acquired by the Schmidt Ocean Institute in 2009,undergoing a major refit over 3 years as she was transformed from fishery protection ship to state-of-the-art scientific research vessel.  Y.CO provides management services to the Schmidt Ocean Institute team, supporting R/V Falkor as she roams the globe as one of the best equipped, privately funded research ships in the world.

2012 sees R/V Falkor undergoing several important science missions, and it is during one of these that scientists on board discovered the wreck of the Terra Nova – the ship that brought Robert Falcon Scott to his famed Antarctic expedition in 1912.

The Terra Nova, Scott’s Antarctic ship in 1912

On that doomed expedition, Scott and his team (including Captain Lawrence Oates, famed for his heroic self sacrifice) were beaten to the South Pole by the Norwegians, only to perish on their return journey. Their ship, the Terra Nova, however, continued to sail as a fishing and merchant vessel until 1943, when she sank off the south western tip of Greenland.

R/V Falkor was mapping the sea bed in that area, using multibeam echo-sounders, when the team detected an unusual bump in the surface measuring 57m – the length of the Terra Nova.  The crew sent cameras down to the area and pictures confirmed that it was indeed the final resting place of this historical vessel.

Part of the Terra Nova wreck, reconstructed with data from the multibeam echo sounder

Going forward into 2013, R/V Falkor will continue to carry leading scientists on marine research expeditions, exploring the deepest hydrothermal vents; characterising oxygen depletion rates in the oceans and mechanisms for adaptation in oxygen-poor environments; and investigating the consequences of global-scale cataclysms on the climate and biosphere of our planet.

Learn more about the discovery of the Terra Nova and the work of the Schmidt Ocean Institute here.

The 78m Lone Ranger, also a former research vessel for the Schmidt Ocean Institute, is currently for sale through Y.CO at $14,000,000.  For more information, contact the sales team.